The Ninja Creami Review


The Ninja Creami. Yum – it just sounds good, right? You’ve seen it blow up on Tik Tok, but is it worth the hype? Let’s break down the Ninja Creami. What is the Ninja Creami? The Ninja Creami is a brand new offering from Ninja Kitchen -. It helps make any treat an at-home frozen […]

Berkey Water Filter Review


Berkey makes one of the most recognizable water filtration systems on the market. They’re like the airstream of water filters. You know it as soon as you see it. So how does it work, what’s the science behind it and is it worth the several hundred dollar price tag? The Berkey Water Filter System The […]

Fairlife Protein Shake Review: A Protein Goal Lifesaver?

Fairlife Protein Shake Review

You might have seen the fair life protein shakes popping up in stores and gas stations around you. But – are they actually healthy or just another greenwashed “health food” that’s cleverly disguised junk food? Let’s find out: What is Fairlife? Fairlife is a ready-to-drink dairy company that is owned by Coca-Cola. The brand is […]

Catalina Crunch Review: Is It Good?


Catalina Crunch is one of the biggest names in the keto cereal space. Boasting most of their products to have high protein, low carbs and zero sugar – they seem on their face to be a great keto option. But how do you know if they’re worth spending your hard earned money on? We’ve tried […]

Dry Farm Wines Reviewed: Wine That’s Healthy AND Good?!


Dry Farm Wines is one of the biggest names in the natural wines space. In fact, they top our list of our favorite paleo & keto wines. But what makes them special, are they really that good and how can you try a bottle of their wine for just 1 cent? Yes, that’s one penny. […]

Ketone-IQ Review


Ketone IQ from HVMN. HVMN – it looks like a clothing brand, but in all reality, it’s a modern nutrition supplement company. You might have heard of them in niche endurance, entrepreneurial and keto circles. So what’s the deal with their products and most importantly – what’s going on with their name? Let’s find out. […]

Magic Spoon Reviewed


Magic Spoon Cereal – the name itself sounds…magical. You’ve probably seen it on Facebook ads, Tim Ferriss’ podcast or had it pop up in your instagram. The pitch is easy – high protein, low carb cereal. All the things you loved about your childhood, but none of the guilt or hangups on eating a billion […]

LMNT Electrolytes Reviewed


LMNT is one of the hottest electrolyte hydration products on the internet, but is it worth the hype? We’ll break down the company, the science of their formulation and give you our unfiltered take on every, single, one of their flavors (and when exactly the limited editions drop). I know what you’re thinking – “is […]

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