The Best Keto Snacks for 2024

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The Best Keto Snacks for 2024

Okay, you’ve found it – the ultimate keto snack list. If you’re looking for a snack that’s keto, you’re going to love this. We’ve got everything you’ve always wanted – and best of all – it’s good for you.

Let’s dive in.

The Top 5 Best Keto Snacks

(in our opinion at least)

You’re going to have to let us know what you think, but here are some of our favorite keto snacks – hands down.

  1. Keto Chocolate from Hu Kitchen
  2. Medium steak strips
  3. Magic Spoon keto cereal
  4. Homemade Guacamole (nuff said)
  5. Hard boiled eggs
  6. Bonus: LMNT Electrolytes and the Impossible Energy drink.

Obviously, there are way more keto snacks at play here so we’ve made a nearly comprehensive list of the best snacks that you can buy (and a bunch you can make at home – no purchase necessary). Hopefully this is helpful on your keto journey. If there are any tasty snacks we missed – let us know – we’re always looking for the best of the best!

The Best Types of Keto Snacks

We’ve broken down the best types of keto snacks into the following for easy consumption:

  • Sweet Keto Snacks
  • Chocolate Keto Snacks
  • Keto Beverages & Drinks
  • Healthy Keto Snacks
  • Keto Cereals
  • DIY Keto Snacks

Pick your favorite category and dive in!

Sweet Keto Snacks

If you’re looking for sweet keto snacks – you’re in luck. The last few years have brought on a slew of amazing sweet keto snacks and treats ready for consumption -all while staying in ketosis.

Perfect Keto Cookies

These keto cookies from Perfect Keto are delicious. The main gripe we have with them is that they’re too good – and the packaging makes it easy to wolf down a bunch of these in one go – which might not impact your glucose levels – but will affect your weight loss goals. Just because they’re keto doesn’t mean you can eat unlimited ones of them.

That said – these are a great grab+go option. Our favorites are the snickerdoodle + peanut butter cookies.

→ Get perfect keto low carb cookies here

Perfect Keto Bars

Some people might consider these to be chalky, but they are a rock-solid option if you’re looking for a sweet or savory keto snack. These bars are not only going to respect your ketosis, but also are self-satiating so you don’t accidentally eat a ton of them and blow up your daily calorie intake.

Personally – our favorite are the cinnamon keto bars – which are delicious and a staple in the pantry, but all the flavors are solid and will help you stay keto.

Best Keto Bar
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Get perfect Keto Bars here

Mallow Munch

These rice crispie treats from perfect keto are somehow miraculously keto. We don’t believe it either, but the nutirtion label can’t lie. These are tasty AF.

Best Rice Crispy Treat
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Diabetic Kitchen Brownies

Okay – let’s get this out of the way – this name is terrible. Maybe one of the worst names I’ve seen in the years of nutrition + keto space that I have, but to be honest – the actual product is amazing. They may be not just the best keto brownie, but the best brownie that I’ve ever had – period.

This is not hyperbole – I have no idea how a company with such a good product has such a bad brand and I think the only reason more people don’t know about them is that they’re solely focused on the “diabetic” space. Yes, we love our diabetic friends, but these are also great options for keto and low carb lovers as well.

Get diabetic kitchen brownies here.

Chocolate Keto Snacks

Chocolate lovers unite! There’s some incredible chocolate keto snacks out there. Here’s our top four keto chocolate snacks.

Lilys Chocolate

Lily’s may be the easiest go-to keto chocolate out there. It leans healthier than “delicious” if you will, but it’s still plenty good and delicious.

→  Buy Lily’s Chocolate here.

Hu Kitchen Chocolate

Hu Chocolate is some of our favorites – hands down. They make delicious mixes of chocolates even though you break each square off – you might end up eating an entire bar.

Our favorites are the almond butter Hu chocolate. It’s delicious and really hard to stop at just one bar. Try it and you’ll thank us for it later. You’re welcome.

→ Buy Hu Kitchen Chocolate here

Endangered Species

Endangered species chocolates are fantastic. You need to watch the sugar content on some of these, but if you aim for the 85% or more dark chocolate, and find the ones with stevia sweetening specifically – you’re going to be in good shape. Plus, you support the environment and endangered animals here. Why wouldn’t you eat this?

Buy Endangered Species chocolate here

Lindt Chocolate

Lindt Chocolate is the original zero sugar chocolate. It’s a solid option if you have nothing else ready to go, but it’s not our favorite tbh. If you’re in a pinch -you can go for it – and it’s super keto friendly, but you’re definitely trading off some taste for the keto-ness here.

Buy Lindt chocolate here

Keto Beverages & Drinks

While these are drinks – we’re technically including them as snacks, because 1) you can never have too many beverages and 2) they’re portable and tasty AF.


LMNT is a healthy electrolyte drink mix. Think gatorade minus the sugar, plus a lot of salt and in a super portable form. It’s healthy, keto friendly and delicious. Not to mention, if you’re sticking to keto – you’re going to need more salt than you think you might.

→ Buy LMNT here

You can read our entire LMNT electrolytes review here.

Best Electrolyte Product

LMNT is the best electrolyte product on the market. Packed with salt so you can replenish what you lose during a workout - it's also great if you're keto, fasting or just need something tasty to drink - without the calories.

Impossible Energy

Impossible Energy is like a sugar-free-red-bull-thats-good-for-you and is keto friendly. Packed with all the ingredients that push performance and stripped of all the junk that kills it – if you’re a caffeine junkie who wants to do something impossible while staying keto – you’re going to want to check it out.

→ Buy Impossible Energy here

The Best
Impossible Energy

Impossible Energy is the healthiest energy drink out there.

Impossible Sleep

A little different flavor since this is designed for deep sleep, but from the same company (they have several keto friendly drink options)

→ Buy Impossible Sleep here

Best Sleep Drink

A sleep drink that's backed by science with none of the unnecessary extras. Our favorite for a natural wind down, that won't spike your blood sugar, and helps you sleep better.

For more drink mix options, see our article here. And while we’re not including them as snacks per-se, check out our favorite keto wine options here.

HVMN Ketones

HVMN Ketone-IQ are some of our favorite exogenous ketone drinks. They don’t taste amazing (they’re a solid 7/10 on the flavor-scale), but they keep you filled with energy and sticking it out in ketosis. That’s a solid win in our book.

→ Get HVMN Ketone-IQ here

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Best Ketone Drink
H.V.M.N. Health Via Modern Nutrition

Taste bad. Works good. The best exogenous ketones on the market.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

See our full review of HVMN Ketones here

Fairlife Protein Shakes

The Fairlife protein shakes are maybe our favorite “break in case of emergency” high protein drink on the go. It does contain some ingredients we typically avoid when we’re 110% optimized, but for an on-the-go-drink it’s really, really tough to beat.

→ Get Fairlife Protein Shakes on Amazon

Best Protein Shake Choice
Fairlife Elite Core Power Protein Shake

With 42g of protein, the Fairlife Elite Core Power Protein Shake is our favorite protein shake choice from Fairlife

You can also read our review of these high protein shakes here.

Healthy Keto-Friendly & Keto Snacks

Some natural and healthy keto friendly snacks that you can find at your local corner store and grocery market include:


Guac is extra – yeah we know Chipotle! And we’re getting it anyways because we deserve it. Guac is tasty, fatty, and delicious as a keto-friendly dip or on it’s own. Keeping some fresh guac on hand in your fridge is not only a clutch move, but will pay off when you open it up in the midst of a craving and decide to chow down. Delicious and ready to go. No questions asked.


Avocados somehow are just much, much better in guacamole, but avocado still stands up well on it’s own. Delicious, natural, and packed with fat – avocados are a great self-contained snack for on the go and can help pick up your mood if you get hangry and need an emergency snack. Plus, they’re available anywhere there’s a grocery store.


Maybe not the sexiest snack in the world, but sardines are a good source of protein, portable, and a good source of Omega 3s. Tim Ferriss mentioned them on his podcast one time and Whole Foods was sold out of them for months.

String Cheese

Your childhood is calling and it wants it’s favorite snacks back! While this can be high in fat – it’s great for a portable satiating snack while you’re on the go.


Who does love charcuterie? Simple, and delicious – now only if it could be easier to spell!

Keto Cereal

When it comes to keto cereal – there’s one clear winner. Magic Spoon.

Magic Spoon

The best flavors taste like the magical cereal experience you had as a kid. The worst flavors taste like a really good protein shake. That’s a great range of options to operate within in and to be honest – they’re all really good (although the maple waffle is my personal favorite).

-> Get Magic Spoon

You can save $5 with promo code: “MEALPLANS”

Best Low Carb & Keto Cereal

Magic Spoon is the best low carb and keto cereal choice available. Great ingredients and tastes just like your favorite childhood cereal favorite - but healthy!

You can read our in-depth magic spoon review here.

Catalina Crunch

Catalina Crunch is a great runner-up to Magic Spoon. While we don’t love their ingredient list – their macro breakdown is solid and the taste is pretty good as well.

Get Catalina Crunch Cereal

Best Granola Keto Cereal

Catalina Crunch is a great keto and low carb style cereal.

You can also read our in-depth Catalina Crunch review here.

And, while you’re at it, even thought they’re not all keto – our list of high protein cereals will make sure you’re getting the most bang (protein) for your buck.

Quick Keto Snacks

If you’re trying to make a quick keto snack on the go, you need to have quick and simple ideas that are going to be ready at a moment’s notice. Here’s some of our favorites.

Beef Jerky

Beef jerky is one of the fastest “grab and go” keto snacks out there. You can find this at most gas stations or convenience stores and most are usually pretty good. Do be careful to vet the nutrition label for any additional sugar or soy additives as they can take away from the nutritional value, but in general – beef jerky is a “better than most” acrosst the board.


Nuts are a great source of fats while on the keto diet. It’s easy to grab a handful and go – but you need to be careful. You can . You also should be aware, that some nuts are not even nuts – but legumes.

My personal favorites – pistachios and cashews. But pistachios are easily the best by far.


The most delicious option on our list might be some simple bacon. Fry it up and you’re ready to go. Bacon itself is practically portable and stores well. Not to mention – it’s just really, really, really good. Cook up and enjoy.

Beef / Steak

This might sound weird, but grilling up some steak and cutting it into slices makes for an amazing snack wherever you happen to be. Yes, your friends might refer to you as that weird health nut, but you’ll forget all about that when you realize how good the bacon you’re mawing down is.


If chocolate lovers were happy – cheese lovers will be happy to know that a slice of cheese counts as a snack. How awesome is that? Cheese is not only a good source of fat and delicious, but tasty as all get out. Line up the cheeses and enjoy!

Hard Boiled Eggs

Maybe the easiest dish of all of these to prepare – you can simply hard boil eggs and have them ready to go. They’re super simple to make and last for days – so you can have them ready to peel and go. You can also air fry them for 15 minutes at 250º and be ready to go.

How to Make Your Own Keto Snacks

If you want to make your own keto snacks – you’re in luck – we’ve got a few great tutorials and recipes on how to make your own keto snacks coming soon. Stay tuned!

  • tutorial coming soon

Common Keto Snack Mistakes To Avoid

You need to be careful when snacking on keto not to make some common mistakes. While these can often still be “keto moves” – they can throw off your progress, kill your weight loss and be incredibly discouraging.

Don’t Over Eat Keto Snacks

Fat has 9 calories per gram. This can add up quick and especially on keto you can find that you might be eating 3000+ calories without even trying. That’s wild! And it’s part of the main reason why people don’t succeed on keto – they’re simply eating more food than ever! So, don’t be afraid to pick up a treat here or there, but make sure you breathe in between bites.

Don’t Only Eat Keto Snacks

Snacks are easy, convenient and tasty – but don’t forget to eat real food. The fat content in keto snacks is often even higher than you think it is – so it’s worth taking it easy on the keto snacks every now and then and cooking up some real food.

Don’t Eat Fake Keto Snacks

Lots of snacks claim to be keto or throw a label or brand on the packaging and then proceed to sneak a ton of sugar into their treats (with seemingly innoccuous fruit) or worse – use seed oils as part of their “healthy fats.” Don’t fall for it- if you have to choose between taking in some junk keto snacks and fasting-you might want to give fasting a shot.

Don’t Eat These “Keto” Snacks

Since the keto diet has exploded in popularity – tons of brands and processed foods have come on to the market with “keto” options. While the addition of solid keto options is amazing – you do need to vet these carefully. Often times, they have subpar ingredients that make us cringe. Other times, they simply just have “a little more protein than normal” or actually have much higher carbohydrate counts than you’d think.

A comprehensive list of keto snacks to avoid is coming soon, but to start – we stay away from these:

  • Julian Bakery Bread – there are some dubious claims about the carbohydrate count so we’re choosing to stay away for now.
  • “Low carb pasta” made from wheat. There are several brands out there that do this. We tend to stay away from these since they tend to be high in carbs still – even if it’s “indigestable” (more on that in a second).
  • Keto snacks with “wheat”, “flour” or some other grain as their primary ingredient. Often, they use additional fiber to show that most of the carbs are not bio-available, but there’s been enough discussion on the internet about this both ways – that we prefer to stay away.
  • Any keto products using seed oils. While sometimes they can still be technically “keto” – we try to avoid seed oils and find natural vegetable oil alternatives where we can.

Where to Buy Keto Snacks & Low Carb Snack Options

Often, the best place to buy keto and low carb snacks is on their directly website. The explosion of D2C commerce has made it easier than ever to buy direct from your favorite brands and save by cutting out the middle man. We have tried to link to each of the brands’ direct site where possible.

If you’d like a more streamlined version to buy several keto snacks at once – try Thrive Market. Thrive Market is like Whole Foods meets Costco meets Amazon. For a small membership fee every year, you can get a huge discount on healthy foods and have it delivered directly to your house. Plus, you get a bonus when you sign up here.

Best Healthy Online Shopping
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The third option is you can always try Amazon. With Amazon’s recent acquisition of Whole Foods – it means there’s often a bunch of healthier keto-friendly and low carb snack options available online, so you can check out the best keto resources on Amazon here.

Other Keto Resources

Other keto resources you may find helpful:

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