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If you have a question, use the super-secret email address we sent you when you signed up to ask any paleo specific questions you may have.. You can also ask questions in the community forum (which you should have received an invite upon signing up).Remember, in order to answer your questions on time, please keep this email address secret as it’s for your eyes only and helps us bring more personalized attention and value for your subscription.

For Future Subscribers

If you’re not a customer (yet) and have a question about our service or how it works, send us an email at hello@ultimatemealplans.com. Our team will do our best to answer your question. Please note, due to the pure volume of questions we receive, we cannot guarantee a personal response to nutritional & diet-specific questions for non-customers. We simply get too many inquiries and we have to make sure our nutritionist doesn’t drown in email. We hope you understand.

Note: If you do have a question about paleo nutrition, it’s likely that Ultimate Paleo Guide has an article on it. With over 500 articles on their site, you can search for your question here and the chances are that they’ve probably already answered it.

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