Dry Farm Wines Reviewed: Wine That’s Healthy AND Good?!

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Dry Farm Wines Reviewed: Wine That’s Healthy AND Good?!

Dry Farm Wines is one of the biggest names in the natural wines space. In fact, they top our list of our favorite paleo & keto wines.

But what makes them special, are they really that good and how can you try a bottle of their wine for just 1 cent?

Yes, that’s one penny.

Let’s find out.

Best Keto and Low Carb Wine
Dry Farm Wines

Dry Farm Wines has the best keto and low carb wine on the planet. They trek all over and curate the best so you don't have to. With a strict vetting process - you can know you're drinking the best.

If you want to skip the review and jump to the wine – try Dry Farm for .01 here


What Is Dry Farm Wines?

Dry Farms Wine is an online wine membership club. You can sign up for different types of membership (options are listed below) and in exchange you get 3, 6, or 12 bottles of wine/month – all passing strict quality control and meeting rigorous standards. The founder Todd – started Dry Farm after merging his love of wine with his desire to live a healthier lifestyle focused on longevity by starting out with the keto diet.

The Dry Farms Wine Video

It might be easiest for Dry Farms Wine to tell you who they are in their own words. This short trailer says it better than we could.

Dry Farm Wines is named for the process is known as “Dry farming.” It’s the practice of not irrigating vines. Instead, you let the vines grow to find a natural water source.

This uses less water, is better for the planet, the plant, and produces more nutrient rich fruit.

Through this process – Dry Farm Wines estimates their growers save 700 million gallons of water a year!

The Dry Farm Wines Criteria

Dry Farm Wines isn’t just another wine club though (we don’t need any more of those). It’s specifically beneficial for people following low carb, keto or paleo lifestyles.

Unlike other wine clubs that source wines from around the world without question – every dry farm wine goes through the following testing:

  • Sugar Free (less than 1g/L)
  • Lower Alcohol (12.5% alcohol or less)
  • Lower Sulfites (75 parts per million (ppm) or less)

Each grower they source from my pass a vetting process that checks to make sure each bottle is farmed organically, without irrigation and “fermented with wild non GMO native yeasts”.

Where to Buy Dry Farm Wines

Dry Farm Wines is a membership service that ships you a set amount of bottles/month based on your membership level. You can pick your own level and then edit that whenever you like so you can either stick to your tried and true favorites or mix it up and taste your way around the world in the comfort of your home.

Classic Membership

At this membership, you can choose between 6 bottles or 12 bottles a month.

  • 6 bottles will cost $171
  • 12 bottles will cost $323

That’s about $26/bottle – not bad!

You can choose to make your box all white, all red, or mixed.

There’s also a version of this that’s “extra low alcohol” if you prefer a lower alcohol content.

Pinot Membership

A pinot membership is slightly more expensive.

  • 6 bottles will be $208 and
  • 12 bottles will be $407

This comes out to about $35/bottle.

Sparkling membership

For sparkling wine -you can choose between

  • 3 bottles for $101 or
  • 6 bottles for $201

This comes roughly to $33/bottle.

Rosé Membership

Finally you can get a Rosé membership.

  • 3 bottles will cost $94 or
  • 6 bottles will run $171

This comes out to $31/bottle.

Whatever membership you choose – you’ll be getting a wide variety of some of the best wine on the planet all at prices that are hard to beat even at Trader Joe’s!

Plus – you know that it’s low sugar, low additives and good for the planet. Pretty solid deal!

Best Keto and Low Carb Wine
Dry Farm Wines

Dry Farm Wines has the best keto and low carb wine on the planet. They trek all over and curate the best so you don't have to. With a strict vetting process - you can know you're drinking the best.

Our Dry Farm Membership Recommendations

For most people, we recommend starting out with the dry farm wines classic membership or the sparkling membership. The classic membership gets you a wide range of great wines and helps you hone your taste over time.

Meanwhile, the sparkling one – is just an all-time, super-fun membership that always feels like a party. Whatever you do, drink mindfully and enjoy!

Dry Farm Wines Promo Code

So what if you want to save money and save your health? Lucky for you – we have some proomo codes for you to use!

The best promo code you’ll find for Dry Farm Wines

Try your first bottle for ¢1 – yup, just one penny.

Try your first bottle of Dry Farm Wines for .01

Alternatives to Dry Farm Wines

We don’t have any alternatives to Dry Farm Wines yet (sorry). They’re are the best of the best if you’re looking for a (natural) wine subscription box.

Meet Todd, Founder of Dry Farm Wines

Todd is the founder of Dry Farm Wines. If you’ve ever met Todd – you’ll know he knows how to throw a party. He effortlessly merges his love of wine and teaching while somehow knowing how to throw an incredible party and miraculously making it healthy? How does he do it all? We’ll never know.

Is Dry Farm Wines Available at Whole Foods?

Unfortunately no. While you might find some other wines that use the “dry farming” technique – the best way to make sure you get Dry Farms Wine curated wines is to sign up for their membership.

Finding Dry Farm Wines Near Me

The best part about Dry Farm Wines is that it’s an online-first-based-company. That means you don’t have to worry about distributors or stores being out of stock. You can simply grab the promo code above and test their membership out to see what you think.

Dry Farm Wines Official Links

If you want to find the official dry farm wines online resources – here you go.

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