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Ketone-IQ Review

Ketone IQ from HVMN. HVMN – it looks like a clothing brand, but in all reality, it’s a modern nutrition supplement company. You might have heard of them in niche endurance, entrepreneurial and keto circles. So what’s the deal with their products and most importantly – what’s going on with their name? Let’s find out.


What Is HVMN?

HVMN is an acronym that looks like “HUMAN” without the vowels, but really stands for “Health Via Modern Nutrition.” The correct spacing of the letters is actually H.V.M.N. Don’t forget the ®. It was very early in the exogenous ketone space and has expanded their supplement line to other products as well – but their primarily known for their exogenous ketones (which we will be focusing on here) and have started to focus on these as well.

HVMN Products

We have to say – the one thing we were super confused about is HVMN’s products. We know them for their ketone esters, but they actually have a bunch of products – so much so that it’s sort of confusing if we’re being honest.

For the purposes of this review – we’re going to ignore the majority of their products (everyone seems to have a collagen powder these days) and focus in on the ketone ester product – Ketone-IQ.

Other HVMN Products We Wont’ Review Today

While HVMN definitely has other products, they’re primarily known for their ketones – so we’ll be focusing on that and we’ll be ignoring these other products that they do have available for purchase on their site as of today.

  • Nootrobox
  • Rest & Restore Kit
  • Matcha Kit
  • MCT Oil
  • Keto Collagen+
  • More

What Is Ketone-IQ by HVMN?

Ketone-IQ is the primary ketone ester product by HVMN. While traditionally it has been sold in a larger containers with a “shot-glass” style accessory on the top of it – they have started to sell “single shots” of ketone esters in a 5 hour energy style drink format.


How to use HVMN Ketone-IQ

Ketone-IQ is an exogenous ketone drink that is designed to help fuel your body with ketones. This is particularly popular in circles where people are doing keto, low carb or fasting diets.

As your body cycles off using carbohydrates as a fuel source, it will require more and more ketones. If you’re not yet well fat adapted, then you might struggle with the keto headache. 

Supplementing with a product like Ketone-IQ can help quite a bit in making sure that you don’t have a bunch of downtime in your transition to keto.

How Does Ketone IQ Work?

Ketone IQ works as a reinforcement during the metabolic adaptation process. In the scenario outlined above – your body and energy is dragging because you are lowering your carbohydrate intake but haven’t yet taught your body to efficiently create & use ketones (yet). So, in this scenario – ketone-iq is your “reinforcements” that you bring in to supplement your naturally created ketones.

This should help keep your energy levels even while your body works on making the metabolic transition.

How Much Does HVMN Ketone-IQ Cost?

We’re going to be honest – the cost of Ketone-IQ might make your eyes pop. For a 3 pack of bottles, it’s $108. Dollars. US. You heard that right. And that’s on subscription. If you buy it as a one-off purchase – it’s $120. Thankfully – shipping is free.

There’s 10 servings in a bottle, so a 3 pack should get you through about a month if you’re using one/day.

Price breaks on volumes are below:

  • 3 bottles – $120 (108)
  • 6 bottles – $240 ($216)
  • 12 bottles – $480 (432)
  • 24 bottles – $960 (865)

Note – while the multi-packs are convenient – you’re basically just ordering in larger quantities as the only break you get is a 10% discount if you order on subscription.

This seems expensive (and it is), but it comes out to $3/serving which is still cheaper than your morning cup of coffee or a shot of good tequila – whichever vice you choose. You definitely shouldn’t chug a bottle in the morning, but a shot may save you money on a regular basis (or you can just use it every once in a while when you need that extra “boost”). It’s also carry-on/TSA friendly – which is nice if you’re constantly on the road. For easy reference, here’s the various purchase options for the ketone shot single-serve bottles.

  • 24 shots – $108
  • 48 shots – $216
  • 144 shots – $648
  • 288 shots – $1,296

Again, while it may be convenient to buy more shots at one time – you already get free shipping & there are no additional discounts based on quantity.

It’s worth noting that the packet of ketone shots is the same price as the larger packet, but only comes with 24 shots (instead of 30 servings). So you basically give up 6 servings for the convenience of the portable shot drink format.


Like we mentioned – both of these products do come with free shipping – so that takes a little (but not all) of the sting away.

Where to buy HVMN Ketone-IQ?

You can buy HVMN Ketone-IQ on their site at

Buy HVMN Ketones here

Save 10% with code “ULTIMATE”

As far as we know – HVMN is not available in most stores (you might have more luck in niche health stores in LA & NYC). Let us know!

Best Ketone Drink
H.V.M.N. Health Via Modern Nutrition

Taste bad. Works good. The best exogenous ketones on the market.

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