Automatic Grocery List App + Free Template for Download

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Automatic Grocery List App + Free Template for Download

If you’re looking for a smart, automatic grocery list that makes your life easier – look no further. Our automatic grocery list app makes your life easier across the board.

Discover our Easy-to-Use Grocery List

Our grocery list is integrated in our meal planner so every week, you get an instant grocery list – customized exactly to your specifications and needs.

Plan Your Meals for the Week in Minutes

  • Choose your diet and meal plan type.
  • Exclude any ingredients you dislike
  • Scale your recipes for the number of people you cook for
  • Optionally include the macros for each week.

Automatically Generate Your Grocery List

Once you have your settings in place, you can easily generate your grocery list for the week.

  • Instant grocery list creation
  • Sums up total food for the week
  • Beautiful and simple display in your dashboard.

Print & Download Your Grocery List Every Week

Once your grocery list is generated, you can also print it off and download

  • Organized by food group
  • Scaled to the amount of people in your household.
  • Easily hide ingredients you already have

Get Home Delivery with Online Grocery Delivery Services

If you’d rather have home delivery and skip the entire grocery shopping aspect of it all – we integrate with several grocery delivery stores including HEB, Kroger, Walmart, Ralphs, Instacart, and Amazon Fresh

  • One click add-to-cart online interface
  • Easy at home delivery
  • Transparent delivery fee breakdowns (with no additional markup)

Special Grocery List App Features

With our custom grocery list app integrated into our meal planner, you can look forward to leveling up your life in the kitchen with the following benefits:

Save Time – the average user saves up to 2 hours every week using our app

Save Money – The average user saves up to $50/month on groceries.

Waste Less Food – Only buy ingredients that yuo need for the week. Buy all the food for your meal plans and nothing else.

Follow Your Budget – Know exactly what you’re spending on your food before you buy it with our instant online checkout integration.

Get Huge Discounts – Access to $300+ in partner discounts and coupons

Grocery List Ideas

If your’e looking for ideas to add to your grocery list ideas.






Grocery List Templates

If you want to build your own grocery list every week, you can use one of our custom grocery lists and download them for free.

  • Download a grocery list template

Free Grocery List Resources

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Joel Runyon
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