LMNT Electrolytes Reviewed


LMNT is one of the hottest electrolyte hydration products on the internet, but is it worth the hype? We’ll break down the company, the science of their formulation and give you our unfiltered take on every, single, one of their flavors (and when exactly the limited editions drop). I know what you’re thinking – “is […]

Kitchen Essentials: Everything You Need For Your Kitchen


It doesn’t matter what sort of diet or meal plan you’re following – when you’re cooking at home, one thing’s for sure – you need to have the right essentials in your kitchen. Luckily – even if you’re new to cooking, you don’t have to add 1,000 new things to your kitchen to utilize it to its […]

How to Meal Plan: The Beginner’s Guide


Meal planning is a great tool and is essential for a healthy lifestyle. It makes sure there are healthy, ready-to-eat options, saves money, decreases stress, saves time, and reduces waste. What Is Meal Planning? Meal planning: the process of planning out and preparing multiple meal options for a set amount of time, typically a 5-7 […]

4 Free Templates for Meal Planning


If you’re just getting started with meal planning – you might want to try it out yourself first to see what you think. If that’s you – it’s helpful to have a meal plan template to help you get started Luckily, not only we do host the best meal planning app on the planet, but we also […]

Paleo vs Keto: Which Diet Is Right For You?


If you’ve spent any time in the low carb diet space, you’ve run across both the paleo diet and the keto diet. While paleo was the darling starting in 2012 / 2013, over the following years – the keto diet became incredibly popular the years that followed. Here’s how it looked according to Google Trends. Odds are – if you’ve heard […]

Does Coffee Break a Fast?


If you discovered the world of intermittent fasting, you’ve likely found that it’s not only a huge time saver, but it’s also a way to change your eating routine to effortless lose fat and improve immunity through autophagy. But what happens when it comes to coffee? Can you have coffee while fasting or will it through […]

What Is Keto Headache? (Causes, Preventions, and Cures)


Keto headache is a common symptom people will experience when they first start off with keto. You’ll find that many people talk about a keto headache as a pounding headache, brain fogginess and general uncomfortableness when they first start going keto. Many people will think that keto isn’t working for them – and quit – […]

Low Carb vs. Keto (How do they compare?)


When researching low carb, paleo and keto diets – a question often comes up: what’s the difference between low carb and keto diets? At first glance, they may seem similar (or even confused for each other), but there are some important differences between the two diets as you decide which one you’ll choose to follow […]

The Ultimate List of Meal Prep Services


If you’re thinking of learning to meal plan or perhaps signing up for a meal planning service, you probably want to know what’s out there. Luckily we’ve done the work for you. We’ve scouted over 16 different meal planning, meal prep and meal kit services out there to let you know what the real deal is with all of […]

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