Mealime Review

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Mealime Review

Mealime Review

Mealime is a popular mobile focused meal planning app – but is it worth the money?

What is Mealime?

Mealime is a mobile-focused meal planning app. In their words:

Mealime is a simple way for busy singles, couples, and families to plan their meals and eat healthier. Our meal plans & recipes are highly customizable so you can easily personalize a plan that works with your unique tastes and lifestyle.

Mealime claims that over 5,000,000 people have used their recipes – which is hard to verify, but an impressive number none-the-less.

Mealime Pros & Cons

Heres’s what we like and don’t like about Mealime


  • One of the cheaper meal planning options
  • Does a good job highlighting recipes
  • Available on Android and iOS


  • Only available on mobile
  • Site does not have many useful resources
  • Uninspiring design
  • Not as helpful for actual meal planning
  • Pricing is hidden and hard to find.

Mealime Review (in depth)


Mealime is more of a recipe app than

They also have a good recipe search mode where you can find the right recipe for you by flipping between cuisines, popularity, favorites and diet types.

They have a “price per serving” filter which we haven’t been able to test the accuracy of, but it’s an interesting filter – maybe the most intriguing of them all.

The Mealime “Meal Plan”

The weakest part of this app is the actual meal planning functiaonlity. In fact, unlike other meal planners we’ve reviewed, we’d put this more in the “recipe app” category than a meal planner. There’s no week view or multi-meals for a day. You basically just generate recipes.

Again, that’s great, but that’s a far cry from a meal planner in the ways that most people think about it.

Grocery Lists

Mealime lets you generate a grocery list off the recipe you’ve chosen. However, there does not seem to be a way to do this for the entire week’s worth of meals – or even several at a time.

This is disappointing.

Personalizing Your Plan

Mealime will let you personal ingredients likes & dislikes, choose your unit of measurements and add allergies. You can also scale your meal size + servings and choose your base level diet. They do seem to have advanced filters, but it’s unclear exactly where and how they work.

Nutrition Facts

Again, the design here is sort of “meh.” For a mobile first design company – they could really use a coat of paint. The info seems accurate but this seems very bare bones.

Mealime Pricing

Mealime is free to download.

There is a paid upgrade to Mealime Meal Planner Pro. , they offer two auto-renewing subscription options – one at $2.99/month and the other at $5.99/month.

Mealime Discount Codes

We don’t know of any platejoy discount codes at the moment.

Mealime vs. Emeals

Mealime is mobile first and only available on mobile. If you prefer to plan your weeks on your computer – the decision is sort of made for you.

However if you’re looking for a better meal planner alternative – we suggest Ultimate Meal Plans.

Alternatives to Mealime

If you’re not sure if Mealime is right for you, you can check out these alternatives and find the best option for your situation.

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