Real Plans Review

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Real Plans Review

You might have heard of the real plans meal planner from your favorite recipe blogger. But is it worth the cash? Let’s find out:

What is Real Plans?

Real Plans is a indie meal planning tool developed by Emily Bartlett and her husband. They’re a diet-agnostic meal planner that can help you plan your meals, track your macros and make some of your favorite bloggers recipes.

Real Plans Review

Real Plans Pros & Cons

Real Plans has a few shining spots, but those are also some of it’s weakness. It all depends on who you are.


  • Mobile first meal planning
  • Mom & pop bootstrapped company
  • Supported by some of your favorite food bloggers


  • Recipe variety is too high.
  • Inconsistent meal prep times and ingredients
  • Mobile focus makes desktop weekly planning difficult

Real Plans Review (in depth)

So how does Real Plans stack up to the other meal planners on the market? Let’s find out:

The Real Plans Mobile App

Real Plans Grocery List

Real Plans Blogger Add-ons

One of the Real Plans claim to fame is the blogger recipe add-ons you can add to your plan. Basically – for a couple extra bucks every month – you can get recipes in your meal plan from your favorite blogger.

Reasons we like this: it makes it super easy to cook some of your favorite recipe bloggers meals.

Reasons we don’t like this: it makes it super hard to have consistent meals and plan your prep time when you have too much of a variety of meals, ingredients, preparation times and themes. While in theory, this sounds great – in practice we see this leads to less meal planning in general.

Real Plans Pricing

Real plans cost $14 for a monthly subscription. You also have the option to pay quarterly, which costs $33, and yearly for $72.

Real Plans Discount Codes

We don’t know of any platejoy discount codes at the moment.

Real Plans vs. Emeals

The Best Real Plans Alternative – Ultimate Meal Plans

If you’re looking for the best real plans alternative check out Ultimate Meal Plans. Beyond the name – it’s more than just a meal planner.

Inside, you’ll find:

  • 10 custom diets to choose from
  • Ingredient exclusions for allergies and picky eaters
  • Easy recipe scaling (if you cook for more than 1 person)
  • Instant online shopping lists
  • Over $300 in product coupons and partner discounts

Other Real Plans Alternatives

If you’re not sure if Real Plans is right for you, you can check out these alternatives and find the best option for your situation.

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Joel Runyon
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