Eat This Much Review

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Eat This Much Review

Eat This Much Review

Eat This Much is an automatic meal planning tool that can help you plan your meals and hit your macros without too much fuss. However, it’s long-standing reputation also comes with some issues.

Let’s dig in.

What is Eat This Much?

Eat This Much is an automatic meal planner (originally swole.me – but more on that later) designed to help you hit calorie and macro counts by helping you plan out your meals day by day or week by week (depending on your subscription plan)

Eat This Much Pros & Cons

Eat this much has a long-standing reputation in the personal meal planning space. Here’s a quick overview of the pros and cons of the product.


  • Long-standing internet reputation
  • A free tier exists
  • Offers several diet types to support
  • Good option for individuals focused on body composition
  • Useful macro breakdown


  • Only annual plans available
  • Not great for more than one person
  • Recipes + meals are very simple
  • Free tier is very limited
  • Interface sometimes feels outdated

Eat This Much Review (in depth)

A full eat this much review is coming soon.

Eat This Much Supported Diets

Eat This Much supports the following types of diets

  • Keto Diet
  • Vegan Diet
  • Paleo Diet
  • Mediterranean Diet
  • Low Carb Diet
  • Low Fat Diet
  • High Protein Diet
  • Gluten Free Diet
  • “Other Diets”

Eat This Much Pricing

Eat this much has two main tiers – free and premium

Eat This Much: Free Tier

Eat this much has a free tier where you can track what you eat and generate daily meal plans. The primary problem with this is that it’s daily – so if you want to plan a week of meals for example – you’re going to need to upgrade

Eat This Much: Premium Tier

Eat This Much has a premium tier starting at $8.99/month – billed annually. This comes out to $107.88 plus or minus some change due to taxes. With this, you get everything you get in the free tier PLUS

  •  Plan a week of meals at a time
  •  Automatic grocery lists
  •  Automatic leftovers
  •  Customize every day of the week
  •  Print and email your plans
  •  Grocery delivery

Eat This Much Discount Codes

We don’t know of any Eat This Much discount codes at the moment.

The Origins of Eat This Much

If you’ve been around the internet for a while, you might know that eat this much started off as swole.me – an automatic meal planner.

Initially this was focused around simple calculations – calories spread across X number of meals.

But, as the product became more and more popular (specifically with gym bros & hacker types), the tool morphed into it’s final from on EatThisMuch.com

Eat This Much vs. Emeals

If you’re single, you’re probably better off with Eat This Much. If you’re cooking for others – you might be better off with eMeals.

If your lifestyle is flexible and you sometimes do both – you’ll want to trial our Ultimate Meal Planner for free for 14 days here.

Alternatives to Eat This Much

If you’re looking for alternatives to eat this much – check out our comprehensive list and reviews of some other alternatives here.

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