How to Become Fat Adapted: The Beginner’s Guide


Fat Adapted Becoming fat adapted is essential for optimal energy usage. If you’re new to the world of low carb or ketosis – you may have heard the term “fat adapted” thrown around – but what does it mean, how do you know if you are – and how can you do it better? I’ll […]

Our 9 Favorite Meal Prep Containers in 2022


Whether you’re following a specific diet or you’re just eating good food, there are some tools that can make your time spent in the kitchen a little easier. You have to start with a well-stocked kitchen – for more on that, check out our list of kitchen essentials. But there’s something else that’s helpful as well and that’s […]

The Ultimate List of our Favorite Keto Snacks


Okay, you’ve found it – the ultimate keto snack list. If you’re looking for a snack that’s keto, you’re going to love this. We’ve got everything you’ve always wanted – and best of all – it’s good for you. Let’s dive in. The Best Keto Snacks (in our opinion at least) You’re going to have […]

The 3 Best Keto Drinks Mixes


When you start to enter the world of meal planning – whether you’re trying to be keto, paleo or just lose weight – one of the places where a lot of people go off track is their drinks. Most people’s diets would dramatically clean up if they just stopped drinking alcohol and stopped drinking soda. But – we get it – you’re […]

The Andrew Huberman Sleep Cocktail


Andrew Huberman has become world famous for his in-depth, long-form podcasts, but he might be best known for his sleep cocktail stack. Eschewing traditional sleep remedies like sedatives or melatonin – Andrew’s sleep cocktail promotes natural ingredients that don’t have habit-forming tendencies or have long-term interactions with other medications. So how can you make this on […]

The Top 5 Meat Bars of 2022


If you’re looking for an alternate to your standard protein bar or keto fat bomb, take a look at meat bars. A more portable, less messy version of our favorite beef jerky snack – meat bars are blowing up in popularity and a great way to stay keto or paleo and have a good snack on hand. So what are […]

Your Keto Shopping List Cheat Sheet for Beginners


The keto diet always sounds like a great idea – that is – until you have to do it. You can have the best diet plan in the world, but if you head to the grocery store sans shopping list – you might end up in a world of hurt. That’s why we want to equip […]

What is a Ketones Drink? (and do they work?)


The category of ketones drink is all the rage these days. With the popularity of the keto diet exploding, a cottage industry of drinks purporting to help people stay keto longer and get fitter has popped up. So what exactly are ketones drinks, do they even work and are they all created equal? It’s time […]

Keto Cereal: The Best Keto Cereal Brands in 2022 (Ranked)


Keto cereal is one of the hottest new categories in the food and beverage space. Not only is cereal a beloved part of breakfast everyday, but if people could manage to make it not only fast, but healthy – could you imagine how big the space could get? Well, we’ve dug in and there’s a […]

Can you put foil in an air fryer?


The short answer: Yes, you can use foil in your air fryer. The longer answer: Air fryers are one of our favorite tools for meal prepping. It makes things easy to cook in bulk and easy to clean after. But, even so – many people want to make it even easier by using foil in […]