Weekly Meal Plan Template (Free Download)

If you're just getting started with meal planning - you might want to try it out yourself first to see what you think.

If that's you - it's helpful to have a meal plan template to help you get started

Luckily, not only we do host the best meal planning app on the planet, but we also have a

Meal Plan Template

Our meal plan templates mimic our actual meal plans - minus the recipes, shopping lists, and more - but if you want to try to do it yourself, they're a good place to start.

Every template has a space for breakfast/lunch/dinner and a snack.

On a separate tab, you'll find a list of ingredients you can keep track of as you go to the grocery store and do your shopping.

Alternatively, you can sign up for a free trial and get your groceries delivered to you, but everyone has their own pace.

Free Meal Plan Template Download

If you're wanting a free simple meal plan template to download, just grab yours here.

It's absolutely free -no gotchas, catches or anything.

It's simple to use (and best of all) printable! Check it out below

Free Meal Plan Template

How to Use These Templates

If you're brand new to meal planning, you still might feel a bit intimidated by the whole meal planning thing - but it's really not that tough. Case in point - 

Here's what I do:

  1. Every Sunday, I sit down and print out a new meal plan template.
  2. I write out which days I know I have things going on and won't be able to eat at home. I cross those off immediately.
  3. I'll plot out my breakfasts first (usually I drink coffee or fast for the morning so that makes things easier).
  4. Once I'm there, I'll write out what I want for dinner. I usually eat post-workout so it's important that I plan these out well.
  5. From there, I'll go through and add my lunch items.
  6. Often, I'll save leftovers from a dinner and use them for lunch the next day.
  7. Once, I'm done planning out the week, I'll add up all the ingredients I need and build a shopping list out of it.
  8. Then, I will either go to the store and pick up everything I need (being careful to not get distracted by the snack aisle), or just order online through Amazon Fresh or at Central Market here in Texas (online groceries are a game changer).
  9. Once, I have all the food at my house, I'll either meal prep the entire week ahead of time or meal prep 2-3 days at a time if I know I have the room in my schedule.

Of course, now that I built - the hour or two every week that I would spend doing this I can handle in 5 minutes with Ultimate Meal Plans. If you want to test it out - you can try meal planning free for 14 days here.

More Free Meal Plan Templates

We created several meal planning templates + calendars using different tools from around the web. As our goal is to make it even easier for you to eat healthy and plan your meals - whether or not you're a customer.

Check out the free meal plan templates we created on Google Sheets, Airtable and Coda (or just sign up below and get a free copy of all them delivered to your inbox).

Google Sheets meal plan template & calendar

If you prefer Google sheets - here's a free template for you to download.

Airtable meal plan template + calendar

Airtable makes "smart" spreadsheets. You can drop items like recipe photos, etc into your meal plan and have a smarter, fresher looking meal plan for the week. Get our free template on airtable here.

Coda meal plan template + calendar

Coda has become very popular when it comes to upgraded spreadsheets. You can download one of our planning templates here.

Other Meal Planning Templates

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