The 3 Best Keto Drinks Mixes

When you start to enter the world of meal planning - whether you’re trying to be keto, paleo or just lose weight - one of the places where a lot of people go off track is their drinks.

Most people’s diets would dramatically clean up if they just stopped drinking alcohol and stopped drinking soda.

But - we get it - you’re a thirsty human and you need to drink something (let’s face it - water can get boring). So if you’re trying to stick to keto and 

The Best Keto Drink Mix for Energy

Most energy drinks are terrible for you. But, there’s a few that stand out from the rest. 

Impossible Endurance was formulated with a love for Red Bull minus the junk. Sure - it’s good to get more energy, but not at the cost of the rest of your body.

Most energy drinks are filled with sugar, artificial sweeteners and stuff that’s going to cut years off your life.

Impossible Endurance was specifically formulated to be as natural as possible with no artificial sweeteners so not only do you have longer, more sustained energy - but you also can stay keto (yup).

Try Impossible Endurance here

The Best Keto Drink Mix for Sleep

If you’re looking for a drink mix that will help you sleep better than ever - you’re going to want to check out Impossible Sleep.

Formulated based on your daily nutritional needs and formulated with natural compounds designed to turn your brain off and lull you to sleep.

It’s also the exact stack that top neuroscientists have touted on podcasts with Tim Ferriss + Joe Rogan (we gotta say - it’s nice to know their research is validated). :)

Most sleep supplements contain things that can mess up your circaidian rhtyhm, screw with your dreams, or worse - Impossible Sleep is a transparent formula of magnesium and l-theanine.

Best of all, there’s no sugar and is lightly sweetened with stevia, so you’re not going to spike your blood sugar before you bed - just a nice coast into dreamland - so you can recover harder - even if you’re bad at sleep - like me

Try Impossible Sleep here

The Best Keto Drink Mix for Hydration

If you’re just looking to add some electrolytes to your water - look no further than LMNT - the best electrolyte mix on the planet. While there are a ton of hydration products out on the market today - most of them are chock-full of sugar and terrible for you.

LMNT has one thing - salt - and a ton of other good electrolytes to help you rehydrate the way you need to - and it’s all science backed.

If you want to know the full run-down on LMNT, read this. Long story short - I drink 1-3 of these a day and can't get enough.

Watermelon, Raspberry, Citrus are my top flavors, but you can get a free sampler pack from LMNT here for just the cost of shipping.

While the box format can be confusing at first, when you realize it's basically half the price of a gatorade - it becomes a no-brainer.

Non-Keto Drink Mixes

There are - of course - a host of drink mixes and brands that are non-keto friendly. We’ve built out a short list here, but will continue to add to the list as many of the ‘healthy’ brands out there - are anything but.

  • Liquid IV
  • Hydrant

Some of these even brag about avoiding "stevia" in lieu of sugar - as if that was a positive tradeoff. Sure, if you don't mind a bunch of sugar in your drink - go for it - but it's definitely not going to help you stay keto.

Things to Avoid in Drink Mixes

If you're looking to try out other keto drink mixes - there are a few things you'll want to avoid.

Here they are:

  • Sugar - If you're trying to stay keto - you should definitely stay away from anything with added sugar in it. It's going to kick you out of ketosis and will screw up an
  • Melatonin - Melatonin is super common especially in sleep medications but you should avoid them in keto sleep drink mixes. You should try to avoid this for the many side effects present and the fact that most 'melatonin' applications are present in supra-physiological dosages. These can build dependencies and interfere with hormonal production
  • Artificial Sweeteners - Most drink mixes taste like junk. So, a bunch of manufacturers use artificial sweeteners to fix it. And yeah, we get it - most drink mixes would taste pretty bad without some sort of sweeteners, so if you want a drink mix that doesn't taste like crap, aim for ones that just use stevia or monk fruit instead of other more artificial sources.
  • Fillers - If you hang around enough - you'll find that most supplements have lots of fillers - basically junk disguised as ingredients designed to sound more expensive or fill up space. Read the label and don't buy these.
  • Proprietary blends - One thing you'll find often is "proprietary blends." This is a fancy way of hiding trace amounts of ingredients in a supplement, acting like it's enough to be effective (it's not), and then overcharging because it's "proprietary." Don't fall for this.

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