7 Keto Myths Finally Debunked!

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7 Keto Myths Finally Debunked!

The keto diet is one of the hottest trends in the diet and health world right now, and it’s showing no signs of stopping.

Used by everyone from Hollywood A-listers like Gyweneth PaltrowHalle Berry, and Vanessa Hudgens… to top athletes like Kobe Bryant and Lebron James


But with all this new popularity, comes a lot of misinformation and just down right bad advice being thrown around…

So I thought I’d tell it to you straight and lay to rest 7 of the most common myths that stop people from having success on the keto diet.

Let’s jump in…

Myth #1

You’ll get Keto flu and feel miserable forever

Good news is, you won’t feel bad forever. But there are some symptoms to watch out for as your body transitions from glucose burning into fat burning.

So don’t be alarmed if you feel flu-like symptoms for a short while. It’s actually a great sign you’re on the right track as your body completely shifts to a more efficient way of functioning. And it’s not as severe as people make it out to be and it doesn’t last forever if you’re doing keto the right way – having sufficient vitamins, nutrients (that’s why it’s so important to be eating the right meals) and enough water intake .

And the fact is, if you want to lose weight, feel great, and level up your physical and mental performance… then it’s well worth feeling a little flu-like for a short while.

Myth #2

You’ll have low energy

In the beginning, yeah you might feel a little low energy as your transitioning. It even sounds like a superhero kind of thing… Like getting bit by a radioactive spider, feeling a little under the weather as your powers start to bloom, and then… BOOM! You’re super charged and full of power!

And that’s exactly how you’ll feel once you’re through the transition. Like superman or wonder woman… mentally strong, full of energy, and ready to take on the world wearing skin tight costumes (you’ll soon have the body for it).

Myth #3

Keto is only for people who want to lose weight

Absolutely not. Not only will keto help you lose weight (if you’re doing it the right way), but you’ll also feel more energized, more mentally alert, and more focused. Not to mention helping you exercise at peak performance, which is why it’s a great diet choice for top athletes.

As it turns out, the principles behind the keto diet have actually been used for nearly 100 years to help treat conditions like alzheimers, epilepsy, diabetes, and even cancer. Even Hollywood star Halle Berry uses it to control her type 2 diabetes!

So it’s definitely not only useful for weight loss. If anything, weight loss is just a small part of the benefits it can bring to your health and well-being.

Myth #4

avoid cardio while Doing keto

Not in the slightest. In fact, exercise works fantastically well with the keto diet. As I mentioned earlier, a benefit of going keto is that you can work out at peak performance, without much decline in output.

But the one thing I will mention here, is that you’ll need to make sure you consume enough calories from fats to match your requirement for workouts. Even modifying your diet a little by upping carbohydrate intake while still remaining in ketosis can help with workouts and recovery too.

Myth #5

It’s high fat, high protein, and highly expensive

Yeah it’s high fat, and that’s not a bad thing. Eating more than 70% of your daily calories from fat sources might seem like a lot of fat and counterintuitive to the normal set of beliefs we’ve all been raised with…

But it’s simply fuel for the fire – keeping you in ketosis, burning fat for energy, and helping you lose wight in the process. And unlike other high carb diets, keto isn’t high protein. In fact, your protein intake should be around 20% of daily calories.

So the question is, eating all these fats, meats and vegetables, surely it’s expensive? ​The fact is, even if you’re on a budget, it can be done pretty easily… The hardest part is actually knowing what ingredients you’ll need each week and in what quantities.

And that’s one of the reasons why I love meal plans… Because they remove the need to think about what ingredients to buy and simply do it all for you (I’ll tell you about these in a second).

Myth #6

It’s a fad diet that doesn’t have proven benefits

A fad diet? I think not!

It’s actually been around for longer than 100 years and there’s numerous studies to prove a diet low in carbohydrates and high in fat can have a tremendous impact on blood sugar, regulating hormone production, increasing cognitive function, and even reducing the risk of common diseases we see in our modern day society.

Myth #7

Meals are boring and repetitive

This can be true with any diet out there. But it’s something some people struggle with, so I’ll address it…

The fact is, most people when starting any kind of diet feel restricted in what they can eat, so naturally they get good at making a couple of meals and stick with those for the foreseeable future until they get bored and quit.

But, it doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, I’ve spoken with the best nutritionists in the world and come up with a way to help you with this

I’ve taken everything I know about doing keto the right way, combined with the powerful knowledge of world-class experts. And created something that’ll make your keto diet journey a whole lot easier…

So easy in fact, that you’ll see all the benefits of going keto, while still making great tasting food quickly, easily, and cheaply…

Food that doesn’t require spending hours in the kitchen or being an expert chef…

And food that looks great, is good for your health, and puts you on the keto fast-track!

What’s more, you’ll actually THRIVE doing it this way!

So if you want to know how to do keto the easy way, I’ll show you on the next page (and how to avoid all the mistakes that stop most people from achieving success on the diet)…

Joel Runyon
Joel Runyon
Joel Runyon is the founder of Ultimate Meal Plans. Joel is an ultra endurance athlete and entrepreneur. He's also the founder of Ultimate Paleo Guide, MoveWell and is the founder of IMPOSSIBLE ® - a lifestyle performance brand helping people push their limits in fitness and life.

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