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10 Diet Meal Plans You Can Try Today

There’s a common adage that says, “You can’t out train a bad diet”. In other words, no matter how much you run, lift weights or salsa dance, a diet full of sugar, beer and pizza will always hold you back. 

This is where the importance of meal planning becomes paramount in your fitness transformation. Sustained weight loss and muscle growth require a serious long-term commitment to consistent eating and the deliberate intake of the proper nutrients. 

To do this properly, having the right foodstuffs in our refrigerators and cooking healthy meals in the correct portions cannot be emphasized enough. Particularly in our rather hectic daily lives, it’s all too easy to hit the drive-thru or buy ready-made meals that ultimately sabotage our weight loss goals.

By shopping for the most nutritious, fat-burning ingredients at the supermarket, whipping them up at home, and having them conveniently on hand whenever you feel hungry will pay enormous dividends down the road. And it’s really not that hard or time-consuming to do. All you need is the right information and a little motivation to get started. Have a look at some of the diet plans below and think about which sounds the most appealing to you.

Weight Loss Meal Plans

For the vast majority of us in the modern world, our clothes not fitting the way we’d like them to is an all too common problem. Temptations abound, from television advertising to that big box of delicious donuts our co-worker just brought into our office break room. Indeed, obesity and diabetes are fast-growing problems. 

While there’s no magic bullet to easy weight loss, an often confusing mix of information overload only makes it harder to decipher what we should, or should not, be putting into our bodies. Sometimes it’s worth it to cut through all the clutter and have an expert guide us towards a healthier lifestyle.

Our Weight Loss Diet Plan is a fantastic tool to get you started on your journey. By focusing on whole, natural foods, a healthy-level of caloric restriction, and a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins, you’ll find it easier than you thought to reach your personal goals. Our simple-to-follow meal plans contain weekly shopping lists and fast prep recipes that won’t have you chained to your stove or hunting down hard-to-find ingredients you’ve never even heard of. 

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Carnivore Meal Plans

If you’re the kind of person who loves grilling up a steak with friends and has trouble saying no caramelized, fatty, meat-based indulgence, then the Carnivore Diet might just be the right path for you. By emphasizing a high-protein, higher fat intake of beef, pork, chicken, fish, and eggs, the Carnivore Diet has found many converts and often leads to rapid weight loss among those who stick with it.

However, don’t dismiss it as simple. On the one hand, it can be easy (and fun!) to indulge in all your favorite animal-based treats. Another positive is that careful tracking or limiting how much or how many times you eat per day is not necessary. However, on the other hand, the Carnivore Diet plan is in fact highly restrictive and almost entirely eliminates grains, dairy, legumes, sugar, vegetables, nuts, and fruits. Coffee, tea, and alcohol also go out the window, but water and bone broths are allowed. So consider carefully before you think you can just barbecue every weekend and lose weight without a care in the world.

If the Carnivore Diet sounds right for you, check out our meal planning program. Our health coaches will get to know your needs and send you weekly meal and shopping plans to get started. Try carnivore meal plans free for 14 days.

Custom Meal Plans

It goes without saying that no human being, or their body, is exactly alike. Therefore, a meal plan that does wonders for one person’s body, may have lackluster results for someone else. Others of us may have allergies, religious restrictions, or simply personal preferences that are not covered here in our database of more specific plans. 

This is where our Custom Meal Plan comes into play. By telling us your likes, dislikes, medical situation etc, our coaches and nutritionists will create a bespoke meal plan and grocery list that is tailored to your exact specifications- all the while guiding your body towards your desired fitness goals. The more you like the food that you’re eating, the better the chances are you’ll stay the course on a permanent basis. And as your body progresses, you can continue to communicate with us as to what’s working and what’s not. We’ll be here every step of the way to support you and get you to where you want to be. 

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Healthy Meal Plans

Every year, the statistics seem to paint a picture of increasing obesity, heart disease, and other preventable diseases that stem from poor food choices. And we all hear advertisements and talk show chatter regarding eating “healthy” or that we should all be eating better. But what exactly does eating a healthy meal plan diet really mean? 

Access to sugary sodas, huge portions, and industrialized foods were rare a little as 50 years ago- and herein lies probably the root of most of our modern-day maladies. So a healthy diet involves more of the natural foods like vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean proteins that humans were used to eating not long ago and removing the excess sugar, fat, and processed foods.

However, it’s not always so easy to eat as healthy as we would like, especially when there’s so many other options out there that we know good and well are delicious but aren’t particularly good for us. Sometimes we have to exclude the convenience of fast food and buying pre-prepared meals that save us precious time in our busy lives. 

That’s where Ultimate Meal Plans take the guesswork out of eating healthy. Our customized weekly recipes and shopping lists will help guide you in transforming your diet and your health. Sign Up here for a free 14-day trial of healthy meal plans.

Banting Meal Plans

While low-carbohydrate/high-fat diets are getting a lot of attention these days, it’s in fact a lesser-known one that can claim credit to have been the first. The Banting Diet was invented by William Banting in 1863. He found that by limiting sugary and starchy carbohydrates, he quickly lost weight and felt better. Now championed by scientists in South Africa, the Banting Diet has been rediscovered for the modern era.

In its more updated 21st Century form, it advocates a four-phase approach to transforming your eating: Observation, Restoration, Transformation, and Preservation. Through these various phases, you’ll slowly start to make eating choices based on detailed lists and avoiding starchy vegetables, breads, and other prohibited foods. In one sense, it’s easy as you don’t have to control portion sizes or worry about counting calories. On the other hand, you do have to follow its directions without any deviation.

In any case, this is where Ultimate Meal Plans take the uncertainty out of the equation for you. We send you your shopping lists, easy-to-cook recipes and meal plans every week. Check out our free banting trial and get started on your weight loss transformation.

Clean Meal Plans

Clean Eating has numerous proven health benefits and will leave you feeling more energetic, balanced and vital. But what exactly does “clean” mean, and how do we differentiate clean foods from eating “dirty” ones? 

At its core, eating clean means consuming healthy foods that are already found in their least processed, most natural, raw state. This means lots of vegetables, fresh fruit, organic meats and seafood, and natural dairy products. Free-range, cage-free animal products are emphasized as protein sources whenever possible. Industrialized, pre-packaged snack foods are a huge no-no, as well as sugar, oils, alcohol and refined carbohydrates. Any type of modernized, processed foods are considered to be a source of inflammation and consequently bad for your body leading to unwanted weight gain. You can eat moderate amounts of carbs, but make sure that they are whole-grain or naturally occurring (i.e oatmeal or sweet potatoes)

In essence, you’re trying to eat the healthiest ingredients you can find, consumed in their freshest, least processed state. Mediterranean and Japanese cuisines embrace many of these same principles and are obviously delicious. So there’s no reason you can’t eat a clean diet and enjoy great food every day that will help you lose weight, build muscle, and feel great.

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Low Carb Meal Plans

Low Carb Diet is a healthy, but somewhat counterintuitive style of eating. While most of us are used to chowing down on pizza, bread, cereal and other refined starches, low carb eating emphasizes large amounts protein, healthy fats, vegetables and dairy. Sugar, alcohol, fried foods and heavy carbohydrates are prohibited. 

Though at first glance, eating things like bacon, cheese and eggs every morning should make you gain weight, but in fact the opposite will occur. Most adherents to low carb eating plans find rapid weight loss quite attainable, as well as reporting increased energy levels and better sleep patterns at night. Backed by science as well, low carb diets are often utilized to manage type-2 diabetes and reduce unwanted body fat. Plus, eating all your favorite meat and cheese-based treats can be fun and indulgent! 

The key of course is to cut out other refined carbs and alcohols that will lead to weight gain when combined with proteins and fats. The challenge for most who try a low carb diet is to wean themselves off the sugary snacks, soda and factory-produced foods that so many of us find addicting.

Give our low carb meal plan a free 14-day trial run. We’ll will send you easy to follow shopping lists and recipes that will get you started on a Low Carb Diet today.

AIP Meal Plans

The AIP, or autoimmune protocol diet was originally developed to help fight inflammation in people suffering from autoimmune disorders such as celiac disease and lupus. Something like 50 million Americans are affected today with autoimmune disorders of various types. However, current medical science concludes that many of the worst symptoms of these diseases are the result of people’s environment, lifestyle and diets. 

The good news is that although we may not have conquered genetics or disease entirely, as individuals we do have an incredible amount of control over what we eat. Certain foods have been found to inflame the digestive and immune systems of those with AI diseases, so the key in the AIP diet lies in eliminating those triggers as much as possible.

Foods you can eat include lots of vegetables (except for those in the nightshade family), seafood of all types, fruits, macrobiotic foods such as miso and pickles, and lean proteins such as chicken and beef. Foods to avoid are veggies like tomatoes and eggplants, caffeine, dairy, booze, legumes and grains. Another important aspect of the AIP Diet is that it starts by eliminating all the potentially inflammatory foods first, and then slowly reintroducing some of these foods back again to see which are potentially causing the negative symptoms.

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Paleo Meal Plans

The Paleo Diet derives both its name and eating regimen from the Paleolithic era. Encompassing the time period from roughly 2.5 million years ago to 10,000 B.C., the Paleo era saw our ancestors living as non-farming hunter gatherers. The diet of these people was of course extremely natural: there were no genetically modified foods, hormone injected animals, and products like bread, sugar and soda were nowhere to be found. Our ancestors spent their days climbing trees for fruits and nuts, hunting wild game and fish, and drinking fresh water from mountain streams. 

The concept behind the Paleo Diet is that our human bodies have not yet adapted to the modern, industrialized diet and that our health is better served eating in the same manner our primitive ancestors once did. Evolutionary, our bodies adapted to eat organic foods, protein, nuts, and other naturally occurring foodstuffs rather than items created in a lab or on an industrial mega-farm. If you really think about it, homo sapiens have been eating “Paleo” for the vast majority of their existence, and it’s really only in the past few thousand years that we’ve been eating farmed food and artificially created fast food.

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Keto Meal Plans

One of the stricter anti-carb diets out there today, the Keto Diet swaps out just about most carbohydrates and replaces them with fat. An indulgent diet, it’s certainly not for everyone, but often leads to rapid weight loss in those who stay within the parameters of the meal plan. The key is eliminate any and all sugars in your diet and upping the fat and protein content. This leads to the naturally occurring metabolic process of Ketosis where you body starts burning internal fat for energy. 

While some low carb diets aim for an initial two-week ketosis phase, the Keto Diet keeps your body in an almost continual state of ketosis as it burns fat and keeps body weight down. A Keto diet can also significantly reduce insulin and blood sugar levels, so it can be beneficial for those suffering from diabetes.

However, it is a strict diet and calls for all but eliminating many of the normal foods you are used to. Desserts, legumes, grains, starchy vegetables, almost all fruits and alcohol are off the table. You’ll replace these foods with a high fat meal plan consisting of meats, cheese, butter and cream, nuts, eggs, and low carb vegetables like tomatoes.

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If all these various meal planning options feel perhaps like information overload, don’t feel overwhelmed. If you’ve read this far, you’re already thinking about transforming your life. The hardest thing is often just taking that first step. Simply sign up by choosing any one of these meal plans, and our coaches will assist you every step of the way. And if you find the recipes or diet are not to your liking, you can always change at any time with our all-inclusive meal planner. Start Your Free Trial Today.

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