The Andrew Huberman Sleep Cocktail

Andrew Huberman has become world famous for his in-depth, long-form podcasts, but he might be best known for his sleep cocktail stack. Eschewing traditional sleep remedies like sedatives or melatonin - Andrew's sleep cocktail promotes natural ingredients that don't have habit-forming tendencies or have long-term interactions with other medications.

So how can you make this on your own and what products out there conform to his recommendations?

The Andrew Huberman Sleep Cocktail Stack

  • 300-400mg of magnesium (threonate, bisglycinate, orcitrate)
  • 100-200mg of l-theanine
  • 50mg of apigenin (optional)

The thinking behind this cocktail is the following:

  • The magnesium promotes deep sleep and muscle recovery
  • The l-theanine promotes a calming "wind down" at night that helps you chill out before you go to bed.
  • Apigenin is used as an anti-anxiety tool and at higher dosages can have sedative effects actually.

Products on the market that fit Huberman's sleep cocktail protocol

There are no official products on the market that fit Huberman's sleep stack. He does have a partnership with Thorne and Momentous.

But, there is a drink mix from IMPOSSIBLE called Impossible Sleep that fits the specification range exactly and comes in several solid flavors.


With magnesium and l-theanine dosed at the correct amounts, you're good to go.

→ You can also get Impossible Sleep on Amazon here.

Other Sleep Cocktail Protocols & Resources

Andrew Huberman seems like he's doing podcasts constantly and has discussed this sleep cocktail often. Here's a few of his most popular appearances.

You can see all of Andrew's sleep recommendations here in tweet form.

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