Paleo Breakfast

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Interested in some delicious paleo lunch ideas that are easy to make, don’t break the bank and don’t have any of those “weird” ingredients?

You’re in luck, I’ve got you covered. Check these paleo lunch ideas out and find out why lunch is a super important part of a paleo meal plan and paleo lifestyle.

5 Awesome Paleo Breakfast Ideas

Okay, I know what you’re here for – you’re looking for some great paleo breakfast ideas. Well, I’ve got you covered. Check these delicious ideas out right here

  1. Brussel Sprout Hash – This is a hardy breakfast with lots of fresh vegetables and earthy flavors.
  2. Chocolate Almond Butter Pancakes – This pancake recipe will take your taste buds for a nutty chocolate buttery spin.
  3. Bullet Proof Smoothie – A great substitute for that frozen coffee drink you use to love so much to jumpstart your mornings.
  4. Three Pepper Stovetop Frittata – Your all-time favorite eggy brunch at it’s quickest and easiest way.
  5. Spicy Mexican Scramble – Spice up your breakfast with jalapeno and crushed red pepper flake that will get you going all throughout the day.

The importance of a paleo breakfast in a Paleo Meal Plan

You heard it since you were a kit – “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” Well, it’s true in paleo too!

There’s a big difference here though – in standard breakfasts are filled with carbs. They’re designed to fill you up quick and give you a burst of energy, but they leave you hungry just a few hours later.

Sound familiar?

Breakfast sets the tone for the rest of the day. If you choose a paleo breakfast that gives you some energy, helps you start burning fat and give you long-lasting, sustained energy – you’re going to be in a good spot for the rest of the day. If you choose a non-paleo, high carb breakfast, it might taste good at first, but you’ll be starving for another muffin about 30 minutes later and are gonna be craving more carbs all throughout the day.

That’s why paleo meal plans are awesome. We show you easy ways to make fast paleo breakfasts – so you can get the day started RIGHT without wasting a ton of time or having to become a Michelin chef in the kitchen.

Interested in getting your paleo breakfasts leveled up? Start here.

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