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🔥 New Years Special 🔥

Start the year off right with simple, tasty meal plans
which help you get healthy
and lose weight.

- Weekly meal plans
- 15 minute recipes
- Custom, healthy meal plans
- Paleo, Keto, AIP, Low-Carb Approved
- Community + coaching access
- $300+ of savings with product discounts


Get access to hundreds of amazing recipes

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How it Works

Choose Your Perfect Meal Plan

Every week, you’ll get access to a brand new meal plan specifically for that week. A dead-simple plan, for every day of the week. No fluff. No junk. No confusion..

Download Customized Meal Plans

Every recipe in our meal plans meets our “15 minute, 5 ingredient” guarantee, so you know that you don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen or shop for weird hard to pronounce ingredients.

See Your Weekly Shopping List

Along with each meal, you get an easy-to-follow shopping list that you can bring along to the grocery store so you know exactly what to get and save even more time

Work With Our Health Coach and Community

You get access to our ultimate meal plan coach and online community, so you’ve always got a place to ask questions and a community of hundreds of people just like you that have your back


Ultimate Meal Plans have made it easy for me to spend time doing the things I love because I do not have to spend as much time planning healthy meals for my family.


The Ultimate Meal Plans have had a tremendous impact on my life. I started the journey mid January weighing in at 203 lbs. Since I have become Paleo and following these plans, I am now weighing in at 155 lbs (July). I feel great, have more energy and am sleeping peacefully through the night! My husband has also noticed the difference and couldn’t be more proud of me. #paleorocks


You're not alone.
Join our meal planning community!

Join a Supportive Community and Get Personal Coaching with a Health Coach

With our online access, you can get your weekly meal plan on your phone, your computer or whatever device you have on you at the moment. But, that’s not all. With ultimate meal plans, you get access to our ultimate meal plan coach and online community, so you’ve always got a place to ask questions and a community of hundreds of people just like you that have your back!



How much time does each meal take?

Each recipe is crafted to make it as simple as possible. Less than 15 minutes of prep time and 5 or less ingredients – it’s as easy as that! We also include leftovers throughout the plan to help save you time and energy from constantly cooking.

When will I receive each meal plan?

Immediately when you sign up you will receive a meal plan to get you started. After that you will receive your weekly meal plan every Saturday morning.

How many meals come in each plan?

You will receive a plan for 28 meals per week. This means you will be eating breakfast, lunch, dinner, and one snack per day.

Can I take a cheat day?

Yes – and we’ve included a bonus guide on how to take a cheat day in a way that will help you get closer to your goals, rather than further away.

What if I don't like a meal or have allergies?

When it comes to food, we all have different preferences. Some of us also have food allergies. We do our best to make sure you will be able to enjoy the food on the meal plans and have included a bonus guide on common substitutions to make it easy to tailor the plan to your needs.

How do I cancel my subscription?

If, for some reason, you no longer want to receive meal plans, there’s an easy one-button cancellation that immediately stops payment and cancels your account. No games about it!